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Full Moon Yoga Nidra Ceremony with Sabrina Karré

Yoga Nidra is a specific form of guided meditation, derived from the ancient tantric teachings. Translated into 'Yogic Sleep' this meditation is practiced lying down with the eyes closed. 


You will be safely guided in the state of 'falling asleep'. In this state, right between wakefullness and sleeping, your body and mind will be fully relaxed while your consciousness remains alert to the guidance of the practice. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system will be relaxed while the central nervous system stays aware and conscious throughout the practice. 


~~~ Seeds of transformation ~~~

Before we embark on this inner journey together, you are asked to set a Sankalpa, a inner resolve or positive intention that you would like to manifest into your life. 


Supported by the energy of the Full Moon, your Sankalpa is like a seed you plant into the subconscious mind to bring about transformation into your life. Therefore the Sankalpa is not about mundane desires and instead have a context of spiritual growth, such as: "I am at peace"; "I am healthy", "I am centered within myself", "I trust the flow of life", "I am safe, happy and loved." You might already have a higher goal that you want to plant, if not, don't worry, it will naturally occure while guided into the Yoga Nidra.


After planting the Sankalpa, the journey guides us through sensory awareness, conscious breathing, visualizations and conscious dreaming. These elements are meant to release stuck tensions and emotions, physically and mentally.

The profound beauty of Yoga Nidra is that it is an easy and inclusive form of deep meditation. You simply need to have the ability to lie down for about 45 min and follow the facilitator's voice.

~ No need to have any form of spiritual practice or experience

~ No need to be physically fit

~ No need to have a meditation or Yoga Practice. 


All you need is: yourself as you are in this moment. 

You might want to bring:

~ drinking water

~ a thin scarf to cover your body if needed

~ mosquito repellent

~ a journal 


Mats, cushions and weighted eye pillow will be provided.



24.04.2024 // 20:00

**pleases plan to arrive 10 mins before, doors will close at 20:05**

Duration 60-75 min

Exchange: 250 thb 

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