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Past events and workshops

01/23 - 06/23


“I do not intend to speak about; just speak nearby.”

Shot in Senegal, Reassemblage is a 1982 experimental montage documentary by Vietnamese filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha. It is a non-linear exploration of the relationship between the filmmaker and her subjects. The film is an important work of visual anthropology and ethnography. Foregoing traditional documentary filmmaking techniques such as the use of an authoritative voice-over and observational long takes, the film may be understood, writes film scholar Erika Balsom, as anti-ethnography: it “reflexively dismantles the objectification and exoticization of otherness which mark the ethnographic and colonial projects alike.”


Film run time: 40 minutes 

Followed by an informal discussion


Saturday 24 June 2023


The Ground Flow

Donation-based community event

Tea and snacks will be provided

Please feel free to bring fruits or snacks to share.

Thai massage FB banner.jpg

Are you interested in learning more about the techniques and principles of Thai massage?


During the 4-hour workshop, we'll delve into the fundamentals of the ancient healing art, covering essential techniques such as palm pressing, thumb pressure, and stretching. You'll learn how to apply these techniques effectively to various body parts, promoting deep relaxation, improved circulation, and relief from muscular tension, following the foundational concepts of energy lines (sen) and acupressure points. 

Through hands-on practice, you'll learn basic massage sequences that you can take with you and use with partners and friends for at-home relaxation and everyday embodied wellness. 

Sunday 11 June 2023
10am - 2pm

The Ground Flow Koh Phangan
See Contact page for directions

THB 1,000
Come with a friend for THB 800 each


DM @thegroundflow on Instagram/Facebook or email 


About the instructor:
Map (@flowmaps_movement) is a Thai teacher of yoga, dance, and movement flow based on Koh Phangan. His teaching draws on his research into dancing arts, embodiment, anatomy, and neuroscience of movement and wellness. In addition to academic studies in art history, he holds a certificate of Thai Traditional Massage from the Watpo Thai Traditional Medical and Ayuravate Association, one of Thailand's oldest centers of traditional Thai massage.


***This course is intended for educational and personal wellness purposes only. It does not constitute medical or therapeutic advice.***

Dance and Trance in Bali new date.jpg

**new date: FRIDAY 9 JUNE**

In the 1930s, anthropologists Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead spent two years living in Bali, immersing themselves in the local culture. In the process they pioneered the use of sound and image to capture their experiences there. One of the fruits of their research was the short documentary Dance and Trance in Bali, a landmark film in visual anthropology released in 1951 (they had shot most of the footage in 1937). Through the lens of dance, the film also provides an early example of cultural analysis informed by a theory of choreographic symbolism. As Sally Ann Ness writes:


During their Balinese work, Mead and Bateson articulated a perspective on the meaning-making capabilities of human body movement that no one of their generation, or the generation following them, came anywhere near. The couple observed movement practices as capable of conveying abstract forms of intelligence previously assumed to depend upon the constructions of linguistic syntax alone. 

Watching the film today, we may also raise questions about the ethics of ethnographic work, whose voices get foregrounded and how. For anyone interested in dance and spirituality, the symbolism of the body in movement, as well as the importance of “‘place”—as Bateson and Mead had understood Bali.

Run time: 21:40

Film screening followed by an informal discussion 
Friday 9 June 2023
The Ground Flow (
For directions, see Contact page


Email: or DM @thegroundflow on Instagram/Facebook to register

Donation-based community event. 
Tea and snacks will be provided. 
Please also feel free to bring fruits and snacks to share.

Oil and Water
Ecosomatics reading 2_1.jpg

Second meeting of the Ecosomatics reading group. We'll discuss "An Ethics of Wild Mind," an interview with poet, translator and author David Hinton.

From Emergence Magazine:

"In this conversation [...] David Hinton calls for a radical reweaving of mind and land. Tracing the shifts in human consciousness that distanced us from nature, he draws on Tao and Ch’an Buddhist philosophy in an effort to help us navigate the sixth extinction with an ethics tempered by love."


Have a read or a listen to the conversation at:


23 March 23
The Ground Flow 

Free community event

Tea and light snacks will be provided. Please also feel free to bring food to share. 

Ecosomatics reading 2_2.jpg
Nature's Bodies.jpg

The Ground Flow warmly invites every body to join a creative harvest from Koh Phangan's growing CI community. To seed inspiration and enjoy the fruits of the films, poetry and photographs that have emerged within our various projects. 



Program (subject to improvisation) 

18:30 -- Arrival. Sharing of tea, fruits, snacks 


19:00 -- Film screenings 


Dance to The Backyard 
Filmed by Eli Hill, featuring Geraldine Acevedo Espana and Reimar Wen Shen (6 min)


Ying Yang Tao
Filmed by Geraldine Acevedo de Espana, featuring Reimar Wen Shen, Francisco Borges (2 min)


Michael and Emilia 
Filmed by Daria Lukina at Land and Water 2020 (2 min)


Filmed by Daria Lukina, featuring Ekaterina Basalaeva (6 min) 


River Paintings 
Filmed by Eli Hill, featuring Alexandra Wuzyk, Mikis Taguchi, Giulia Isobel (8 min)


-- Poetry and still images 

Being Nature Readings 
Poems by Dolores Dewhurst Marks with projected photography by Ken Buslay (20 min)


We are Flying with You  
Art research focused on biodiversity and the birds of Koh Phangan by Veronica Olariu (10 min) 


Blue Paintings and Water Poems 
by Alexandra Wuzyk (3 min)


In Spiral 
Contact improvisation poems by Alexandra Wuzyk (10 min)


-- Open mic (10 - 20 min)
>>>> Bring your poems, favourite books, and imagination 


20:30 -- Q&A discussion into dissolution 



Donation-based, all are welcome

Please feel free to bring fruits and snacks to share.


Curated by Alexandra Wuzyk
Hosted by The Ground Flow

Danced Stories_vertical.jpg

Danced Stories: 

Practice-Based History of Modern / Contemporary / Contact Dance 

3-Day Mini-Course



Learn the history, theory, and context of dance in the twentieth century to the present through three nodal points: modern dance, contemporary dance, and contact improvisation. Each day will include lecture, demonstration, archival image and video viewing and, most importantly, opportunities to practice and embody the techniques and styles discussed in your own body.



The mini-course is designed for everyone regardless of previous background or knowledge of dance. It provides an embodied taster of dance history for anyone who’s interested in movement, the body, and the arts. For those with an existing practice in dance, contact improvisation and/or related modalities, this mini-course will provide a historical framework through which they can situate their practice and make new creative connections across time. 


When & where?

20 / 21 / 22

March 2023

17:30 – 20:30

The Ground Flow



THB 3,500 early bird (by 13 March)

THB 4,000 regular

Email: or DM @thegroundflow to register 


About the instructor

Paisid Aramphongphan (“Map”) holds a PhD in art history from Harvard University with a specialization in the intersection of art & dance. He is the author of Horizontal Together: Art, Dance, and Queer Embodiment in 1960s New York (Manchester University Press), which was shortlisted for the de la Torre Bueno Dance Studies Book Awards. Since a young age, Map has been a passionate dancer and avid learner of dance history, having also received training in modern, contemporary dance, jazz, ballet, and related techniques. As part of the wider ecology of movement communities on Koh Phangan, Map would love to provide space for the integration of practice, history, and theory.


With guest teachers Geraldín Acevedo España @hojadeltropico (contact improvisation) and Nisan Ter @nisanx (contemporary) 

Retro  Music Party Announcement Poster  .png
WhatsApp Image 2023-02-26 at 6.06.44 PM.jpeg

About the instructor:

Anna Leona spent 10+ years dancing and enjoys the celebratory aspect of twerk & dance; something Twerk Flow wishes to share with others. She has also been a practitioner of yoga for 7 years and a yoga teacher since 2019. Her dance flows & fusion yoga style are fluid, smooth, & strong

Drop-ins welcome. 
To register for the full series, email: or
DM us on Instagram/Facebook
Thai Dancing.jpg

We look forward to spreading the joy of Thai dancing with Kwang (@the_calm_cook)



Dance the beauty of Thai culture through fun storytelling and dancing. Learn the close relationship between Thai dance, way of life, and food culture.



11 March: Rice farmer

18 March: Fishmonger 

17:30 - 18:30

Drop-ins welcome



The Ground Flow |



THB 400 drop-in

THB 700 for the series (two classes)


About the instructor

Born and bred in Bangkok, Kwang learned and practiced traditional Thai dancing when she was young and still love to dance to this day. She would like to help preserve and support traditional Thai dancing, which is becoming harder to find nowadays. Kwang cooked with her mother since she was 8 years old and spent a decade working as a professional chef in many countries. Now based on Koh Phangan, she also teaches traditional Thai cooking as well as yoga.

Blush Screening_edited.jpg

Up next in our dance film screening series: Blush (2005) by Wim Vandekeybus, a film version of his choreographic work performed by his company, Ultima Vez. Vandekeybus is one of the key figures of the loose genre known as European dance theater. Blush is described by Ultima Vez as “a dazzling voyage swinging between the heavenly landscapes of Corsica and the slummiest depths of Brussels. It is an exploration of the savage subconscious, of mythical forests, of conflicting instincts, of imagination, where the body has reasons unknown to the mind. In dance sequences of attraction, confrontation and repulsion the performers take on animal metamorphoses…”


Run time: 52 minutes
Post-screening informal discussion facilitated by Nisan Ter


13 March 2023
The Ground Flow
Donation-based community event

Light snacks and tea will be available. Please also feel free to bring your own to share.


About the discussion facilitator:
Nisan started her dance education at an early age with classical ballet and contemporary dance. Since then she has been exploring different disciplines and movement methods. She performed with Modern Dance Company Ankara for 7 years and has taught at several universities and festivals at home and abroad. For many years, she has been travelling while performing and sharing her passion. Her intention is to stay in touch with the universe through movement and continue to be a channel for the energy that heals herself and her surroundings. 

Disco Balls

Google thinks “Kylie” means Kylie Jenner and one just has to wonder:

How did we get here?


A dance class in celebration of the iconic. 


An all-Kylie playlist. 


Contemporary/pop dance with signature Kylie moves. 


Good times.


1 March 23
THB 400

All levels of dance experience welcome 

Evidentia ad.png

We gathered to watch Evidentia, a film conceived by former ballet star Sylvie Guillem who, starting from the mid-1990s, shifted her attention and movement practice toward contemporary dance. For this dance film, she worked with renowned contemporary choreographers such as Mats Ek and William Forsythe to create a work of art designed specifically for the medium. As Guillem put it, “We have always wanted to film dance, but here it’s just the contrary: we leave the film to dance.”

Informal post-screening discussion will be facilitated by Nisan Ter.

Sunday 26 February 2023

18:00 - 20:00

A donation-based community event

Tea and light snacks will be provided. Feel free also to bring food/fruits to share.










About the discussion facilitator:

Nisan started her dance education at an early age with classical ballet and contemporary dance. Since then she has been exploring different disciplines and movement methods. She performed with Modern Dance Company Ankara for 7 years and has taught at several universities and festivals at home and abroad. For many years, she has been travelling while performing and sharing her passion. Her intention is to stay in touch with the universe through movement and continue to be a channel for the energy that heals herself and her surroundings.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-21 at 2.31.44 PM.jpeg

ECOSOMATICS reading group #1
Sunday 12 February 23

The first meeting of the ECOSOMATICS reading group.

Ecosomatics reading group 1.jpg
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